Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Packing: How to do NZ in under 50 pounds!

Packing started last week when I moved out of my apartment and back with a host family (the wonderful Fonsecas of Skillman, NJ!), but the real stuff started yesterday. We’re allowed to bring one 50-pound bag to New Zealand (we can bring more, but like everyone else, we have to pay bag fees), creating the eternal conundrum: how to pack for three weeks of two-three practices a day, weather ranging from 65 and sunny to 45 and raining, and also bring all the “extras” like sports drinks and a yoga mat?

The first time I went to Worlds, I was pretty excited to have remembered to bring socks. But by now, I have the routine down a little better. Packing enough for three days of practices plus two days of racing, and buying detergent and clothesline in the WRC host country, has served me pretty well. Still, it’s tricky when you want to bring your lucky sports bra and an extra pair of tights and a couple of books…it can add up!

Good luck to all the athletes packing up and traveling this week—may your suitcases be underweight and the airport security people generous about the definition of “carry-on size”!


  1. Esther!
    Hello darling. Love the blog.
    Do you wash your items in the sink in your room, or are there usually laundromats in the vicinity?

    Love you!

  2. And how bout a pic of those sweet Oakleys?